Estatic Anime showcasing our latest anime goodies at Comic Con around UK & Europe every weekend. Currently can purchase items from our UK website while we are launching our EU website soon


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4-5th February - Bristol Anime Con
10-12th February - Akumacon
10-12th February - London Anime Con
11-12th February - Japan Weekend Madrid
17-19th February - J-Popcon
23-26th February - Narcon
25th February - Japan Weekend Bilbao
3-5th March - Made in Asia
4-5th March - ACME
11-12th March - Japan Weekend Barcelona
18-19th March - Comic Con Scotland North East
1-2nd April - Comic Con Liverpool
15-16th April - Manchester Anime Con
22-23rd April - Animangapop Bristol
27-30th April - Leipzig Manga Con
13-14th May - Iberanime Lisbon
18-20th May - Fantasy Basel
26-28th May - MCM London Comic Con
3-4th June - Leeds Anime Con
3-4th June - Comic Con Austria
10-11th June - Anime Focal Luxembourg
10-11th June - Wie Kai Mai
17-18 June - Made in Asia Stockholm
23-25th June - Sunnycon
24-25th June - Norwich Anime Con
24-25th June - Dutch Comic Con
30th June-2nd July - Dokomi
1-2nd July - Animangapop Cardiff
8-9th July - Glasgow Anime Con
7-9th July - London Film & Comic Con
13-16th July - Japan Expo Paris
21-23rd July - Hyper Japan
27-30th July - Narcon
29-30th July - Liverpool Anime Con
12-13th August - London Anime Con
12-13th August - Comic Con Wales
26-27th August - Birmingham Anime Con
23-27th August - Gamescom
9-10th September - Comic Con Northern Ireland
9-10th September - Cardiff Anime Con
16-17th September - Sheffield Anime Con
23-24th September - Japan Weekend Madrid
23-24th September - ACME
23-24th September - Made in Asia
30th Sept - 1st Oct - Zurich PopCon
7-8th October - Comic Con Scotland
12-15th October - EGX London
14-15th October - Newcastle Anime Con
21-22nd October - Comic Con Liverpool
21-22nd October - Comic Con Baltic
28-30th October - MCM London Comic Con
3-5th November - Comic Con Stockholm
4-5th November - Brighton Anime Con
10-12th November - MCM Birmingham Comic Con
18-19th November - Comic Con Vienna
2-3rd December - German Comic Con
9-10th December - Comic Con Germany


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